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E2 Program for USA


The E-2 Visa program allows residents of 80 treaty countries to reside in the USA through business ownership.

Benefits ofthe E-2 include the ability torenew the visa every 2-5 years(depending on country oforigin) for an indefinite period of time and maintain US residency as long as the business is operating profitably. Additionally spouses and dependents of the investor are eligible to enter the USAunder the E-2 and may apply for US work authorization.
While there is no set minimum investment to qualify for this program investors should be prepared to provide a minimum of $100,000 USDtowards their business investment. The business must not be considered "marginal"and should provide jobs for US workers. The E-2 Franchise program matches prospective E-2 Visa applicants with well known American Franchise Companies. Although the ownership of afranchise is not a prerequisitefor eligibility, nor does it guarantee entry into the USA,investors increase the chances of having their application looked upon favorably by USofficials by partnering with a successful and high profile franchise.

Investing in a well known,established franchise brand offers a number of benefits over starting a business.Immigration Officials will befamiliar with a nationalfranchise brand, unlike a business with little or no history.
Additionally by partnering with a franchise, E-2 Investors are able to readily able to provide officials with required documentation such as full and complete businessplans, operational manuals and extensive histories of success.

Enjoy an American Life through Future Consulting Group

For more information call our Canadian office on
001-9052900456 or email us at futurebusiness2002@gmail.com

Benefits of Investing in a franchise for E2 Visa

  • A Nationally recognized franchise brand is likely to be perceived favorably by immigration officials over an unknown business.
  • By investing in a franchise you have the ability to immediately provide immigration officials with much of the required E2 paperwork such as business plans, forecasts and operational manuals. Creating this on your own could cost thousands.
  • An established franchise will have a higher overall chance of long term success than a start-up business. And as your stay in the USA is completely dependent onyour business remaining profitable and employing US workers .....success is critical.

Requirements of the E2 visa

  • Investors Should be Prepared to provide an investment of $100,000 USD towards their business investment.
EB-5 American Investor Immigration Program


The EB5 Investment Visa for US Green Cards (Permanent Residence) by immigrant investment into the most popular Government approved EB5 Regional Center

You and your immediate family can now obtain green cards and permanent US residency with an EB5 visa by investing $900,000 into a US Government designated Regional Center. It will give each of you the security of permanent US residency without repeated visa applications. Citizenship may be obtained after five years.

Green Card. The attraction of a green card via an EB-5 investment visa is that it can be secured before you commit to emigrating. You will also have the flexibility to take any job, run any business, retire and live anywhere in the USA. As a resident you will have access to many of the benefits enjoyed by US citizens such as education and, in certain states such as Florida, you will enjoy substantial savings in property tax.

Permanent Residence. For most, emigrating to the USA is about a better quality of life. Permanent residency avoids repeated visa applications and allows you the opportunity of dual citizenship. The EB-5 visa will secure you Permanent Residency.

Enjoy an American Life through Future Consulting Group

For more information call our Canadian office on
001-9052900456 or email us at futurebusiness2002@gmail.com

On this page: EB-5 in Brief What is a Regional Center? Which type of RC Investment? Program Summary Sources of Funds Job Creation, 3 Forms of EB-5 EB-5 History Costs Timescale Steps Before Investing. Also on our Useful Links page you can find information from and links directly to the USCIS website.


EB-5 Visa – in Brief – Permanent Residency for the Immigrant Investor

Drawbacks of other visas: Work visas tie you to a specific job, location and/or career. E-2 visas can be difficult to renew and force children over the age of 21 to leave the country. Student visas allow very limited or no work.

It’s fair to say that no-one wants to invest $900,000, plus approximately $50,000 in related costs, to secure a green card. The fact that so many do so is a strong indication of how hard it is to obtain Permanent Residency in the US.

Advantages of the EB-5 visa

  • Permanent Residence for the whole family with one investment.
  • Husband, wife and all unmarried children under 21 receive Green Cards.
  • Live anywhere in USA.
  • Take any job, run or start any business, even retire.
  • Any nationality may apply.
  • No language requirement.
  • Same privileges as a US citizen:-
    • Free public school education.
    • Same University fees.
    • Access to Medicare after 5 years.
  • Wider job market for your children in the future.
  • Property tax savings in some states like Florida.
  • Citizenship after five years.

Requirements of the EB-5 visa

  • Minimum investment of $900,000
  • Associated costs circa $60,000, including:-
    • Specialist EB-5 attorney
    • Medical check
    • Filing fees to the USCIS
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police Record check
  • No previous US immigration violations
  • Detailed documentation for source of funds
  • Time to obtain Conditional Green Card, almost 12 months but getting in less time.
  • Time to secure Permanent Green Card, 3.5 years

Advantages of American Life Regional Centers

  • Choice between equity or loan-based investments in commercial property development
  • Fixed income for loan-based investments
  • Rental income on an equity investment, plus capital gain expected in the long term
  • If you change your plans, you may exit your equity investment at anytime
  • Dispose of your equity investment after  3.5 years under visa rules

Qualifications of Future Group associated  Regional Centers

  • Over 1000 EB-5 investors
  • 15 years’ experience with the EB-5 program (since 1996)
  • The most popular Regional Center
  • A business model with zero debt
  • Every EB-5 project has met job creation and all other USCIS requirements
  • We have more investors with unconditional Permanent Residence (I-829) than any other RC
  • No denials at conditions' removal stage (I-829)
  • The only Regional Center attracting US investors as well as pension fund investors
  • Over 450 US investors, unique among Regional Centers
  • Experience with investors from Britain, Australia, South Africa, India, Korea, Mexico, China, Iran, Brazil, Colombia, etc. etc.

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What is a Regional Center?

A Regional Center is an area designated by the USCIS as eligible to receive immigrant investor capital. They are especially attractive because investors may rely on indirect job creation rather than directly hiring ten employees.

Government Designated

Some Regional Centers encourage the perception that, because they are Government designated, the investment has the Government’s stamp of approval. They do not. Please be aware that all Regional Centers are Government designated for purposes of immigration. This does not guarantee the quality of the investment. You should assess the investment on its own merits and seek professional investment advice.

At Risk

The law states that a Regional Center investment must be ‘at risk’. That means it cannot be guaranteed. Apart from that, it does not have to be ‘risky’.


Which type of Regional Center investment?

There are three types of Regional Center investments. If you decide that the EB-5 is your visa of choice, the next key decision is to select a Regional Center which −

  • protects your capital
  • has a long record of success with visa applications
  • doesn't tie up your capital for any longer than necessary
  • compensates for inflation with income and prospects for capital growth

1 Loan Based Investments

A few Regional Centers now offer ‘loan’ based schemes, where your funds are lent to another organisation for local infrastructure projects. A municipality or associated development agency usually becomes responsible for repaying your capital. Should the municipality or agency default or restructure its debt, it could be a long time before your capital is repaid.


2 Equity Investments – active trading businesses

Equity investments are asset based and can be either property or actively trading businesses. Active trading businesses are managed directly by the company operating the Regional Center. The active trading businesses are small and are not on any recognised stock exchange. They are vulnerable to market forces such as demand and competition, so their value and prospects are hard to assess. Sadly, a few such investments have failed. Funds can be lost entirely and, if some capital is recovered, it might take a considerable time.

3 Equity Investments – property

As any fund manager will testify, most investments carry risks, and that includes property. But a property without any debt − and zero debt is the key − carries almost no risk of loss. Compared to a trading activity or a loan, a property is a small piece of ‘planet earth’ that cannot be taken away. Buildings may be destroyed, but if insured, will be replaced. Values do decline in recessionary periods, but history has demonstrated that property prices soon rise again to surpass previous peaks. This has been the case in every recession throughout history. Location too affects risk. If you can choose an area where the property prices have historically grown or remained relatively stable, then risk is further reduced.


Future Group Associate  − a property based Regional Center

Here are some reasons why it is the most popular EB-5 Regional Center manager −

  1. We are the longest established Regional Center management company, founded in 1996.
  2. Almost half our investors are US citizens who have no need of a visa and who invest on the same terms and share the same investments as immigrant investors. No other Regional Center attracts US citizens as investors.
  3. Our investments are freehold commercial properties with zero debt in a location of long term stability.
  4. We have the best record of income and capital growth of any Regional Center.
  5. We attract more immigrant investors than any other Regional Center.
  6. Income on cash is paid to investors, usually monthly.
  7. Rental income of approximately 5 per cent, net of management charge, is paid to investors monthly.
  8. Our projects have a 100 per cent success record with both EB-5 visa processing and 'Conditions' Removal, some two years after emigrating.
  9. We have a sales team  sell your shares, once visa conditions have been removed, or at any other time.
  10. You may sell your shares and exit whenever you wish. If your circumstances change and you abandon your visa application, you are not contracted for any period. Most Regional Centers tie you in for five or six years.


Program Summary

A Green Card and Permanent Residency gives the holder, and his or her immediate family, the right to live, study and work anywhere in the US. There are many visa categories. Some allow you to apply for a green card after you have been in the USA for a specific period, but most do not. The EB-5 visa is unusual in that it provides you with a green card at the outset.
















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